One day at a time...

Tatum, another of my senior rep team, wanted the desert with an option for an urban setting nearby. This location, just shy of being in our backyard, I thought would give her that vibe plus it was a location I have been wanting to try out for some time. It soon became another to add to my "favorite" location list! We had a beautiful desert area and next door was a church that had beautiful rust colored staircases and walls that brought her that urban look. I loved it! And the super cute coffee shop, Well Coffee Co. that's there had the most beautiful open shade from their whole wall that opens in the spring to the outdoors! I took advantage of that as well! I am super excited to go back there and photograph some more! I was very pleased with the whole area!

Tatum recently got her first tattoo. I wanted to incorporate into her session. I asked her what the meaning behind it and it was the sweetest story. Tatum can get a little anxious at times. Wondering what will come next, what the future will hold. Her mom would always remind her to not let anxiety or things she can't control get to her head. She would tell her to just slow down and take it "one day at a time".

And moms are ALWAYS right!