Old locations die hard!

The other day, I drove 200 miles in search of new locations. I have said before that I love finding new locations! I love giving my clients a bunch of options! I wasn't very successful with a lot of new ones but when I revisited some old ones, I was actually excited!

This location in particular I haven't shot at for many years. So when Jenna heard that this place had a little bit of everything she wanted, it was time to go back to my roots! LOL

I have hundreds of photos of my kids here! And this shoot made it feel brand new! So if you are like me as a photographer going to the same location time and time again, give it a rest and revisit down the road! You will find love for it that might have been lost!

SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SESSION! This was the first time meeting Jenna so I needed her to warm up! I had her do the typical, "walk towards me while looking around" She started to laugh and thought it was a little weird, which it is, but it broke the ice. From there it was all natural. She was very happy with her location choice and loved that she had so many different backdrops.

Jenna has amazing style and I was slightly obsessed with her outfit choices! And her personality just shines through these photos! We captured it all and the finished product is stunning!! Congratulations Jenna!! Good luck at U of A!