Desert Botanical Gardens is trending right now and I am all for it! Some of my seniors are looking for desert but a bit more than the natural we drive past everyday. This is the place! I was thrilled to find new areas from the first time I was there. Sarah had a more Boho vibe and between her style and the location, it blended seamlessly!

Sarah has a thrifty side to her and found great accessories to add into her theme. This woven box was a unique idea that Sara tied in!

When having different accessories like hats and jackets, you can change the whole look of an outfit and adds variety to a session. Sarah nailed it! Posing options were easier because she had a lot more to do with her hands which makes for a more natural image.

Sarah loves to be in front of the camera and she brought that to her session! This is one of the most important photo shoots of your high school career so be sure to bring your personality along with your style!