Carmen with Starks Candle Co became a branding client of mine about a year ago. After moving with her husband and children from Chicago to Arizona, she knew she wanted to keep her entrepreneurial skills in tact. She started making candles and fell in love. What makes her candles unique is the beautiful labels she creates and the owner herself!

Are you looking for a new cookie recipe? Carmen has a great one! Or have you ever had sweet potato pie? She's got that too!!

Carmen is constantly uplifting others and wants to bring that through her candles. "If you are having a hard day one glance at a Starks candle in your home will be the constant reminder that you will make it through trying times." This passion is what you get with Carmen! Her website is not only full of beautiful candles but she loves to help others by sharing personal stories of struggles she has dealt with or her favorite holiday recipes! She has an amazing story that you can find here! Be sure to check out her website! Her candles are the perfect gifts for the holidays!!