There is no right or wrong way to have your headshot done, in my opinion. I think it all depends on what mood or vibe you are looking to achieve. There are certain criteria that is expected of a corporate headshot and if you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, it's all about emotion and how much emotion you want to evoke. The possibilities are virtually endless. I am here today to show you some differences between studio headshots and lifestyle or on location headshots.

Studio is just as fun

as on location! Don't let studio lights fool you! This isn't Olan Mills! We can make it as professional as needed or we can play around and have fun with it! Headshots are not only for the corporate world! We need them for profile photos, bio pages, social media posts, portfolios, and I can go on and on. There are no rules! Only guidelines that may need to be followed. If there are no guidelines, then proceed with personality!

Headshots on location

can bring a lot of detail if done in your place of business! Add in that personal touch and showcase more of what you do within your headshot. This will also give a different creative aspect to your image and set it apart from others. There is nothing wrong with doing your headshots at a favorite place as well! All of these suggestions just add in personality to your images which tells a story about you!

If you are unsure where you would be best suited for your headshots, send me a message! I would be more then happy to help you decide! And make sure you grab my 5 Tips for beautiful headshots in the meantime!