I sat by my pool one day,

relaxing and watching the stillness of the water, calm and peaceful. The next moment, one of our fruit trees let go of a piece and it fell into the pool. I watched the water respond. How the impact of that piece of fruit radiated its stillness.

The water continued to move long after the fruit had settled. It was a perfect circle that slowly continued to expand to the edge of the pool. The water moved so methodically, a ripple effect of the motion encountered.

I realized I was watching the visual effect of my mission.

I want to leave an impact on every person I meet. Not only in photography but in life as well that will last long after we meet. I want a ripple effect of joy, love, and empowerment. Of confidence and inspiration.

I want my images to be everlasting, standing the test of time and have memories that hold long after I am gone. I want a

ripple effect of true, genuine authenticity within my images to inspire those like me who find themselves wondering how to create them.

I want most of all, for a ripple effect of inspiring others to know their true beauty and to embrace all of it.

I may be just one small drop in an ocean but I will create a ripple that will have no end.