Themed photo shoots are probably my favorite shoots! I love being creative! I love to relive eras, bring vintage back to life! When I found this location I knew I HAD to have a shoot there! The host of this Mid-Century Modern Retro Living Room Set was awesome and made our experience comfortable and fun! I was proud of my reps for putting together outfits that completely fit the vibe! The best part for me? The majority of the images here are straight out of the camera! No tweaking needed!

The girls were excited to be a part of my vision! Themed shoots are like playing dress up! A chance to act or bring an alter ego to life! An opportunity to just have fun and try something different! Maybe escape reality? Or just spend an hour caught up in a different day and age! Whatever the thought may be, the ability to be creative and transform imagery to tell a story is so fun for me!

I preach about keeping personality in tact when it comes to your photos and that will always be part of my brand and style! These shoots give me the ability to create something unique and out of the box! That drives my passion and I love it!

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