If I am being honest, I did not think Ella was ready for her senior session! (Don't worry, she will laugh at this!) BOY WAS I WRONG!! I text her a few times, asking if she had her outfits chosen and to send me pics to get her vibe. It wasn't until a couple days before that I got the pics. Because her mom and I are friends, I thought it would be fun to ride together. When I got in their jeep, it was packed! Flowers, balloons, props, and outfits! Everything she needed and the just in case!

Her outfits were perfect for her location! Not to mention...the black dress?? Her mom saved it from when she was 19! Umm..HELLO??? Why didn't I do that? I would've had every possible article of clothing that is back in style to give to my girls and free!! This was such an amazing opportunity for Ella to wear her moms dress! What a beautiful idea!

Ella's photos are stunning and I think we captured every image that she wanted! (Except for the horse that was there! But that was for someone else's session LOL)

Oh ya! Gotta catch an Arizona sunset! That's a wrap!