The first thing I think of when I hear, "senior photos in studio" is, "Hey! 1998 called and wants their senior photos back!"

BUT! This is not 1998 (PS the year I graduated) Studio sessions for senior photos can be so unique, creative, inventive! It is definitely a different way of doing senior photos right now! My niece wanted studio photos! They turned out phenomenal! Below are some highlights from that session!

She had a vision. She loves the wet hair style in photos. She also wanted something more feminine, dainty, and editorial. The outcome was exactly what she was looking for. Which of course made me very happy as well!

The biggest component in senior photos is the personality! Capturing the essence of who you are through images. The photos represent the senior and the person they are at that time in their life. Studio photography can bring emotion to the images because of the absence of background. The focus is 100% on the senior and their emotion. It is a profound way of capturing senior portraits.

So remember! There is nothing cheesy about studio senior sessions anymore! I want to give a session that evokes relatedness, personality and creativity. This session is not just an ordinary session. It needs to tell a story or have editorial flare. We will discuss how to achieve this prior to the session and decide the best outfit options, hair, makeup and all the details to make it stand out and memorable!