WOW was this an incredible session!

There was a slight difference with me during this session. I let it all go....

I am not saying that there was anything wrong with past sessions. Every now and then I need to be reminded that this passion that became a business, is still a passion! It is my release of creativity and a place where I can grow and help others to empower, encourage and love themselves. I was reminded of this just before this session. I inspired myself during this shoot to keep photography a passion FIRST! Because then, it will always produce happiness in my life and in others!

Cassie, one of my senior reps, did NOT disappoint! I showed her some areas that I thought would fit the vibe she was looking for, she agreed and we went to work! I always tell my clients that I love posing! So I may give posing that feels awkward but may be an incredible final product. So we are constantly moving a trying different things! Lighting, angles, posing! We are all pretty much exhausted at the end of a session!

Once again, personality is key. And Cassie's personality is shown in every image! She wanted me to help with posing but had no reservations on the poses I gave her! Which produced some gorgeous images! I just love how much fun she had! Cassie is a total sweetheart and a beautiful girl!

And what have I always said? If you were in a sport throughout your high school career, bring it!! Cassie is finishing up her final year as a cheerleader and wanted to add that in her session! And I mean, come on! She is a powerhouse! Look at this jump! I am so excited to give her the final product!!