Tear Jerker Alert!

As I write this, I am welling up with tears! Maddie and Jordan were three when they met in daycare. From that moment on, she was like my 4th daughter. I remember telling her mom, Tara, to get her dressed up all cute because I was going to bring her along for a photo shoot to scout locations. She has been in front of my camera ever since.

From sleepovers where I would have to call Tara at 11pm to come and pick her up because she wanted to go home and actually vice versa, to having her as my senior rep, everything in between went by in the blink of an eye. Jordan is the first text I get on my birthday EVERY year saying, "Happy Birthday second mama!" Which melts my heart every time! She has remained that sweet, spunky little girl just all grown up now.

I love this kid so much and I am so grateful for how close our families are. Maddie and Jordan may not see each other as much anymore but, the sisterly bond will always be there! There is a very special bond formed in childhood that I know in my heart will never go away.

Jordan, you mean so much to me! I am so grateful for you and that I have always been your #1 photographer ;) I am so proud of you and can not wait to see you as a pro golfer! I love you! Congratulations on graduation!!