Another one of my 2020 Senior Reps! What a gorgeous girl inside and out! When she first reached out to me that she was interested in my program, I had to do a double take! Colette?? The girl that played soccer with my daughter when they were little is now a SENIOR? I will continue to sound like a broken goes by SO fast! I was so excited to have her as my rep!

She is extremely photogenic and very comfortable in front of the camera! She had the perfect style choices for her outfits! I was a bit jealous of her snakeskin boots! It only took a few minutes before she was in her element and making my job super easy! You could tell the whole time how much fun she was having and how much she enjoyed her session. And really....that's all I can ask for!

I will be patiently awaiting her phone call for college graduation photos up in Flagstaff!! Congratulations, Colette! I wish you all the best!