Brody set the tone...

I pulled up to the location, looking around to see if he had shown up yet. I receive a text, "Your model has arrived...." Immediately I knew how the session would go.

His mom and I were really good friends in high school. I was sad that I missed seeing her at Brody's session but, that didn't hinder Brody's energy or enthusiasm for his senior photos. His personality overflows in his images and it was pure joy to watch!

I text his mom after the session and said, "Well, I have to say that I think our generation became better parents than we were teenagers! Brody is such a young gentleman, so respectful, and such a good kid!" And indeed he is! I am so blessed to get to spend time with some truly remarkable seniors and capture the essence of who they are through images!

Brody will be heading off to ASU in the fall to study engineering. Good luck Brody! You will do amazing things! Kori, he's going to be just fine! You did a great job!