Jordan Taylor. The beautiful daughter and inspiration behind Taylor Jordan Apparel. The amazing golfer that is the proud “family” ambassador out on the course. Plus, she is one of my TZP senior reps.

I remember when Jordan was 3, having play dates with Maddie. They were two pees in a pod. I watched her grow up over the years and she spent many years in front of my camera. When I text her at the end of her junior year and asked her if she wanted to be my rep, there was no hesitation, “I have been waiting for this since I was 10!” Which made me cry!

Now, Jordan in her senior year, killing it on the golf course is prepping herself for life after high school. Like most seniors, She is still thinking about what she wants to do after high school but golf is a for sure.

Jordan has traveled to numerous tournaments and has had many days of the 70s. If I played golf, I would want to play in that weather too!

But in all seriousness, Jordan has a 76 average which is an incredible accomplishment for a newbie golfer of just over two years. She finally found a sport she loves and will absolutely flourish in the years to come.

Golf is not an easy sport. In fact the mental game is not something that is easily attainable. When you have a natural ability, which I truly feel Jordan has, when a tournament doesn’t end with a personal best, she at times, struggles. That’s when the owners of TJ, aka her parents, step in.

Jordan’s support system is abundant and she is constantly given the encouragement she needs to not give up. Her confidence has grown and she knows every time she steps on the green, she gets better!

I am looking forward to a “senior golf shoot” with Jordan. I know, however, it won’t be the entire session! What’s amazing is that the golf outfit she will wear for that part of her session was inspired from this amazing young woman. The story I get to tell through images will be priceless.

She has a bright future. Remember the name Jordan Taylor Ransdell! We will see her on TV someday and proudly wearing Taylor Jordan!