What an amazing weekend!

Knowing this was my last rep group, I decided to go big! Especially because it's my last senior as well! We spent the weekend at Hotel Valley Ho and had a "girls" weekend along with quite a few photo shoots! My gift box was a hit thanks to some of my amazing small business friends! Ivy and Olivia Custom Goods (monogrammed bathrobes) Starks Candle Co (cutie candles) and Beauty Tricks by Raina (body bar)

Photo Shoot on the Town!

Our first session was a night on the town theme! The girls came up with a dressy outfit that perfectly fit each of their personalities and might I add, they all looked stunning!! We ended the night with pizzas at Grimaldi's!

Getting ready in our TZP robes!!

Sunday morning, the girls got ready and our first photo session was in the hotel room! I LOVED the colors and the lighting! It was so fun to watch them be kids, jumping on the bed and being silly!

Spot on!

The grounds at Hotel Valley Ho were amazing! I wanted to get as many backdrops as possible in one day! The girls changed into their next outfit which I wanted to be more casual with a flare! I reminded them to keep their personality and style in mind and again, I was so impressed! Their choices were spot on what i was looking for!

Strike a pose!

Our last outfit was simple! Shorts and a white top! We walked around the grounds for a few more spots to capture our final outfit! The curtains in the hotel room provided THE perfect backdrop for my signature personality shoot! How flipping cute are they???

That's a Wrap!

My heart was so full! These girls got to know each other, bonded, made new friendships and ate A LOT! Each of these girls have a special place in my heart. Some of them I have known since they were 3. some are close high school friends of Maddie. Some I have met through other shoots I have done and it wouldn't have been the same without them. And together, they make up one unbelievably blessed TZP Rep Team! I can't wait for our next shoot!!