Trevor knew he would be the only guy in my 2021 Senior Rep Group and did it anyways! That made me so happy! Plus, our families are very close so he kind of HAD to do it! OK...Just Kidding!! I think he had fun!!

Trevor has played football for the majority of his life. He has battled many injuries over the years, but he powered through. He did what he needed to do to rehabilitate himself and get back in the game. There were so many obstacles he and his teammates faced with covid ending their season too soon last year which meant there were not enough videos for colleges to look at. But Trevor didn't let that stop him for his senior year! His team went on to be state champs this year! What an AMAZING way to end your high school career of football! Perseverance and determination prevailed!!

Trevor will go on to great things in his future because of his dedication and commitment to what drives him!! Good luck Trevor! We are so proud of you!