Who would've known leaving school for spring break would be the last day you would ever step foot on your high school campus. My heart breaks for the Class of 2020. The last couple of months of high school for seniors is the best couple of months. Prom, senior ditch day, senior banquets, last spirit week, graduation... As I write this I am holding back tears. These seniors don't deserve this. They didn't ask for this. So I ask that we do our part to stop this virus and hopefully get them a graduation at least! In the meantime, say a prayer for the class of 2020.

Rhianna is one of these seniors. She is upset- as she should be, but it didn't show in her senior photo session. She may be missing some of the traditions of senior year, but she has her whole life ahead of her and is now looking forward to the memories she gets to start making as she gets ready for her college years!

She will be heading to NAU in the fall to pursue her love for photography which was fun incorporating into her shoot! Her passion for being behind the camera helped her to know how to move in front of it! There is something to be said of a person who can do both!! I'm still trying to get comfortable in front of it! LOL

She is a young woman of faith so I know without a doubt she will be ok through all of this and God has big plans for her future.