I met Jake his freshman year. When he would ask Maddie to ask me if I would give him a ride home from school. Which turned into many days of driving him home! But I didn't mind, he lived two minutes from school! But also because he was such a respectful, nice kid.

Almost a year ago, Jake and Maddie started dating and he has become a part of our family! The two of them are two peas in a pod. They started off as best friends which I always say is the greatest blessing in a relationship. I am so happy for them both!

Jake is always smiling or laughing! A lot of goofing around which I love! You rarely see him in a bad mood, or at least I never have!

He's got really great style too which I don't think he got from Maddie! I think they just have that in common! Which will always make for great photos! HAHA!

We love having Jake as part of the family! I love the respect he holds for Maddie and for us! He has a personality that is so uplifting and positive and I hope that never goes away! We are all proud of you Jake! Can't wait to see what the future holds for you!! Congrats on senior year!