I don't enter many contests. To be completely transparent? I was afraid of rejection. I decided that I should step out of my comfort zone and enter! So I did.

Category 1: Editorial

I entered several images based on specific categories within the contest. There were 10 categories specific to a certain genre of photography style. I entered 8 categories with my favorite images. I was extremely excited and nervous. Then I waited....

What seemed like a year (only couple of months) I just kept thinking about how great it would be to be recognized by other outstanding senior photographers within this community. But also knowing that this was my first year entering, I was prepared to not be chosen either.

When the list of winners came out and I started scrolling....and I saw my name, I was ecstatic! Then I continued scrolling and saw my name AGAIN! I couldn't believe it! It was a humbling feeling.

Then the wait for what photos the judges picked from the ones submitted...

Category 2: Backlit

The Hot 100 is a contest for senior photographers all over the world that can submit their photos for the chance to be recognized by leading senior photographers across the nation. There were over 12,000 photos submitted.

When I was chosen for these two specific categories, a surge of confirmation came over me. These two styles are my absolute favorite to create! It solidified my love for them and to know that these niches are where I shine! I proved to myself that I can keep creating and continue to grow as a senior photographer!

Thank you to my daughter, Maddie, for showcasing a stunning editorial telling a story of a school girl in the 70's. Thank you to Ava, for wanting to bring her passion for music to life within her senior session. Thank you to every senior I have worked with for allowing me to create and grow and provide them with memorable photos of this very important chapter in their lives.

I am looking forward to more senior sessions to bring each unique personality to life through imagery!

Thank you to the community within Senior Style Guide for the countless hours of carefully looking through each photo and giving all of us the opportunity to showcase our work! I am forever grateful that you have pushed me within my craft!

Until next year!