I have been writing blog posts for my senior sneak peeks for years. Mainly, for moms to get a quick glimpse of their seniors photos and to cry knowing that their babies are about to graduate. Now I am writing this post for my daughter, the baby and final high school graduate of the family with tears in my eyes. I just can't get over how fast time goes by. If you are reading this and your babies are young, cherish every moment, record their lives, take pictures of your kids WITH YOU in them, laugh and find joy in the tougher times. Before you know it, you will be here. Graduation. Tears of joy and accomplishment for both you and your child. My baby's last day of high school is tomorrow. A new chapter begins for her and I couldn't be more proud and excited for it! Maddie has been the kindest human being I have ever known. Compassionate and caring about others and loves unconditionally. These characteristics have not changed since she was a little girl. Madison, you have made your dad and I so proud and have brought so much happiness to our lives! You will forever be a gift from God and He will bring great plans into your life! I love you baby!! -Momma

Thank you to Sweet Flower Home for the location! It was absolutely spectacular!!