Studio and On Location!

Calista really wanted a studio session however, she also wanted on location! Which I thought was a great idea! Perfect variety for your senior photos!

When preparing for your senior session, Over preparing is good! What I mean by this is when it comes to styling your outfits go a bit out of your comfort zone! Have fun with it! If you picked out more outfits than time allots, bring them! You never know, you could have an outfit that you wanted to bring that would've been perfect for the session once you are there! If you are unsure, I am here to help!! Don't forget accessories!

Calista put a lot of thought into her outfits and the feel for her session. It was a bit nerve racking for her once we got to Desert Botanical Gardens because of yet another high wind day. We did not let it stop us from producing stunning images and having fun!

Calista is such a sweetheart! I could tell when she started getting really comfortable in her session and you can see that throughout her images. She knew the wind was going to be a challenge but, she embraced it. This was another incredible session with a spectacular senior!

If you are looking for more tips on how to create a unique style for your senior session, grab my senior style guide here!